Special Issue on Health Care in Venezuela 
Social Medicine is soliciting papers for a special issue that will focus on current healthcare reform in Venezuela.
Developed in collaboration with the Cuban government and involving thousands of Cuban health professionals, the Venezuelan Barrio Adentro initiative challenges the dominant international health model.  Barrio Adentro’s structural and operational design prioritizes the delivery of free, comprehensive primary healthcare to all Venezuelans. Concurrent reform within the medical education system is training the next generation of Venezuelan physicians in the social medicine practice model.
Authors describing original research, practical applications, or historic information relevant to the theme of this special issue are invited to submit their work in either Spanish or English. We are also interested in audio interviews, photographs and short films describing the daily experience of healthcare workers.  Social Medicine is an international, open-access, peer-reviewed academic forum for the development and promotion of Social Medicine. The journal is published quarterly in both English and Spanish. Deadline for submissions for this special edition is June 1, 2008.  For more information on this special issue authors should contact guest editor, Joan Paluzzi at JEPALUZZ@uncg.edu.  General guidelines for submission to the journal are available at www.socialmedicine.info.