The Health Consequences of Speaking Out


  • Rosemary Greaves
  • John K. McGlone


People who speak out in the public interest, known as whistleblowers, often threaten vested interests. When whistleblowers suffer reprisals, as frequently occurs, the consequences for their health can be serious. Interviews with members of Whistleblowers Australia reveal that whistleblowers can experience a range of adverse psychological and physical effects, some of them quite serious. Whistleblowers use various methods to cope with these consequences, including telling their stories and seeking support from counsellors and others. Key words whistleblowing; health; coping; well-being

Author Biographies

Rosemary Greaves

LA Physical Anthropology MA Social Medicine PhD Sociocultural Anthropology Full time professor. Research area: Health and society, Graduate Program in Physical Anthropology, National School of Anthropology and History. Member of the Promoting Group of ALAMES in Mexico.

John K. McGlone

Lost his job because he was a whistleblower