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Troubleshooting Your Desktop Paper Folding Machine

by Teddy Edkins (2019-07-26)

If you produce brochures, bulletins, flyers or pamphlets then you probably know just how valuable a paper folding machine can be. However, there is nothing more frustrating than a paper folding machine that isn't working correctly. Whether you are dealing with paper jams, misfeeds or wrinkles in your finished documents, troubleshooting these issues can be incredibly difficult. This article is designed to help you understand some of the possible causes and solutions for three of the most common paper folding problems. Here they are. Problem #1: The paper does not feed properly into the paper folder.

A number of things can cause your paper folder to feed the paper incorrectly. If your document is freshly printed you need to ensure that the ink is dry and that they are properly jogged before attempting to fold them.

This problem can also be caused by a dusty, dirty or stained paper feed roller or paper separator. In case you have any kind of concerns concerning exactly where as well as the way to utilize Special Purpose Machine, you possibly can e mail us with our web page. Over time it is possible for paper dust, debris and ink to build up on the paper feed roller and separator causing misfeeds. The easiest way to fix this problem is to clean these components with a mild solution of soap and water.

Finally, this problem can occur if there is not enough paper in the paper feed table. Most paper folders require a minimum of 20 sheets to operate correctly. However, some paper folders have a single sheet feed feature that you can use to fold smaller volumes. Make sure that you keep 20 sheets in the feeder and you will be fine (if you don't need to fold 20 sheets then you can just add some blank paper to the feed tray underneath the documents that you are trying to fold.

Problem #2: The machine does not start even after the Start / Stop key is pressed.

The first thing to check if you have trouble getting your folding machine to start is the power. Check to make sure that the folding machine is securely plugged into the wall and that that the plug is securely connected to the back of the folder.

A paper folding machine will not turn on if there is a paper jam inside the machine. Often if this is the case there will be an error light on the machine to tell you that there is a problem. Even if there is no red light, still check to make sure that there isn't a piece of paper stuck inside the machine.

Problem #3: There are wrinkles in the folded document output.

Freshly printed paper can sometimes stick inside the machine causing wrinkles in the finished documents. It is important to ensure that the ink is completely dry and that documents are adequately jogged before folding.

Dust and debris on the fold rollers inside the machine can cause the paper to slip slightly during the folding process. This can result in the document being wrinkled or misaligned when it comes out of the folding machine.

If the fold plates are not configured correctly on the folder then the finished document may have wrinkles in it. In order to fix this you need to ensure that the settings are correct for the type of fold that you want to accomplish. You may also want to reset the fold plates and check to see if there is any debris that might be causing the paper to wrinkle or skew.