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Why Kayako is The Best Help Desk Software for Small Businesses

by Donald Moore (2018-10-29)

As the level of competition in the market is increasing by the day, it has become quite difficult for small businesses to keep up. Customers, with their habits and expectations, have evolved quite a lot and support teams are trying their best to keep up with their standards. Eighty seven percent of consumers say that companies need to improve their support experiences into consistent and efficient ones. That’s why it is important for your small business to find out what the best help desk software can be for your support team.

Kayako's live chat software for website is designed for both, small and large companies, designed for modern day customers and according to the high level of competition in the market. It has the ability to let your support team members give a personalized and effortless service to its customers with the best tools.

Let’s talk about what exactly it means for your company to need a help desk solution. For small companies, complications are the enemy, as they make things complex and difficult to handle. Your help desk software is what operates everything going around in your office. The features you provide your support team have a great impact on their work progress. This is why is it important to choose your software properly before doing anything else. For this, you will need to think about what your small business requires. What type of support you need to provide, what tools matter and of course, your budget. Kayako’s help desk software is cost-effective and its tools are not only the best, but also really easy to operate.

The best help desk solution will be one that does not further complicate your support team’s work and life. It should comprise more of the useful features your team needs and less of the irrelevant ones. This is why using Kayako’s help desk solution is good for you, it also allows your support team to customize it according to their needs and preferences.

One of the biggest changes in customer support is the use of multiple channels, where customers can connect with your support team. Now, consumers want your team to be available for chat on every app they use. It was found out that eighty-nine percent of customers are frustrated when they have to repeat their problems over and over again, when transferred to another agent or department.

Your small business will obviously have a small support team, so you will need a multi-channeled communication network, where your group of agents can communicate with customers on different sites at the same time. The best help desk software has the ability to unify all conversations into one central hub, allowing agents to keep track of customer requests and queries.

Customers have started to increase their demands by the day, making things difficult for your support team. When it comes to maintaining both your speed and quality together, you tend to lose one in between. This is why a help desk like Kayako’s is needed, as it provides you speed and efficiency. This is where we talk about having a powerful context with you. The more information your team has on its customers, the better they will be at empathizing and helping them. Kayako’s help desk software let’s your agents collect information on customers through keeping track of their movements and by keeping safe the information gained from the previous chat with them.

Hopefully, you have now understood how important the role of your help desk software is, even if you are a small business. It will help you to quite an extent and will make your support flawless, attracting more customers.