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Why Should Customer Service Be Your Top Priority?

by Kevin Isaac (2018-07-16)

A common mistake made by many businesses is not realizing that good customer service is essential in helping them grow. They see customer support as another cost center, however, you must realize that any business’ success lies in the hands of their customers, especially in industries where growing competition is common. Customer service is almost always the only direct contact the business has with its customers.

Great customer support strengthens customer loyalty, there used to be a time when setting a product at a decent price was enough to gain customer loyalty, but with more competition among businesses today, this is no longer enough. So now when selling a product, you must make yourself stand out.

Customers not only want a good product, they want a good product backed up by even better services. If your company does not offer something different from your competitors, then either of the three options can happen; our customers could choose you, choose a competitor or do nothing. Nowadays, consumers only stay with a business if they feel like the business is making an effort to keep them around. If your competitor and you sell the same product, your customer service will determine which of you is more successful. Price is the first thing that comes to most business’ minds when trying to satisfy old customers and attract new ones, but customer service is, in fact, more important.

The better the service you provide, the more the customers you get, meaning more profits for your company. Every company’s aim is to make a profit, so why not do so by improving your services towards your consumers? It is the easiest way to gain new customers and set yourself apart from your competitors. If you have an excellent customer service, then increasing your prices would not change the number of customers you have because of their loyalty. A research claims that 86% of customers are willing to buy products at higher prices for a better service being provided to them. An American study says that seventy per cent American customers spend an average of thirteen per cent on companies that provide the best services.

Providing really good service to customers helps your company gain publicity. Happy customers would obviously tell their friends and family about their experience with such a company. However, a good reputation also means that a lot do people are watching them. So maintaining that image is a must.

Employees in your service team mostly take pride in what they do and want to feel that their work is valued. The culture of a business’ office plays a huge role in the reason why they are able to give a good or bad service. A good office culture empowers your employees, encouraging them to work better and boosts their morale which in turn improves the business’s overall performance, if you do not pay attention to the quality of service you are providing to your customers, your support team will lose its passion to work well.

Through your support, customers are constantly able to tell you their problems and feedback. This gives you and your company constant room for improvement. But many companies do not focus on their feedback and end up with a big pile of problems. Remember to always consider your customers’ requests and feedback and work on them. This also shows them that they are cared for, resulting in a better relationship with them and also giving the customers the chance to open up about other issues and complaints they might have.

Maintaining a good customer service is hard work, but by doing so, you get the right to stand out and increase your prices. Kayako’s Kayako Messenger thrives to help businesses maintain a good reputation and also make sure their customers and employees both have a great service experience. Remember that your customers should not only love your products but also your company as a whole.