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Tips for Choosing an IP PBX for Your Small Business

by Eleanor Manning (2018-07-30)

When it comes to choosing an IP PBX solution for your small business, there are so many things you have to consider. In fact, it is very important to choose a reliable Hosted PBX provider if you wish to have a complete VoIP experience and enjoy a good ROI (return on investment). Given below are the top tips that will help you choose a PBX solution for a small business.

Real-time Communication
It was revealed in the findings of a report by the mobile research firm that 90 percent of the messages are read in a time span of three minutes, which clearly indicates the critical nature of real-time and time-sensitive communication.

An IP PBX solution allows small businesses to use simple tools like e-mail plugins that enable them to contact the clients without opening a separate application, send SMS directly from an email plugin, and do instant messaging. Not only does it help them save money on communication, but also enables them to improve their productivity, especially if they are connected to the third-party internet service.

Another example of real-time communication is conferencing. You have to make sure that the sound quality of your microphone and phone speaker is good, especially if you have to make a number of conference calls on a daily basis. Many businesses fail to recognize that poor sound quality in a conference call can also affect the productivity.

It was also mentioned in the report that many small businesses use the paper directory, which can be easily replaced by the hosted PBX. By integrating the directory in the system, businesses can save time and improve productivity.

As the business starts to grow, the communication requirement also changes. You must also take that into consideration, keeping in mind the needs and size of your company. Create a plan that will address the changes required with business expansion in the future. You will probably have to do significant analysis and find a service provider that has been in the market for years and has given outstanding support to business when they start growing.

Minimizing the operational cost is another aspect you have to keep in mind when choosing a hosted PBX solution. With the IP PBX solutions, your focus should be on the operational cost. Make sure that you do a cost-benefit analysis and choose a package with easy to use tools that can be managed easily. This will reduce your communication cost in the long run.
If you are able to save money, provide customer satisfaction, improve productivity, and increase the total number of transactions, it will improve your overall return on investment.

In 2014, the usage of mobile devices increased compared to the laptop or PC usage. Mobility has become a critical factor if your business wants to survive in the long run. This is why you should choose an IP PBX solution that offers web application. This allows you to access devices through your mobile phones; the only thing you need is a good internet connection for smooth internet experience. With this feature, you can attend virtual meetings on the go and respond to the customers’ queries wherever you are.

Network Evaluation
When you plan to implement the hosted PBX, it is important to review the status of network infrastructure. It is crucial to upgrade your network so that it matches with the latest version of the application you are using. This will give you a smooth communication experience and allow you to respond to your client queries efficiently.

Fine-tuning and Designing for Better Engagement
In the end, it doesn’t matter which technology you use, what matters is how you use it to get the maximum benefit. You must find the right balance between social systems and technology in order to improve the efficiency of your business operations. Therefore, choose a system that offers the right design for better communication.