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Hot Winds of the Plains

by Anne Church (2020-05-15) Bay is really a beach side town in New South Wales, Australia. It is the most easterly point on main land Australia. The weather is right being warm in summer and young teen mild in the winter months. The Bay established fact for it's relaxed and friendly atmosphere along with it's perfect beaches and fantastic surf opportunities. But the area has a lot more to provide than this.

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An easy location to access coming from all areas of the New Forest. There is something for anyone here, even during the rain. First call, Russell Coates Art Gallery and Museum. Very family friendly, it has an activity area, super caf?� with children's meals being offered, as well as the best bit, it's situated right with the beach. If the sun decides to get rid of through, you should have a quick sprint along with a paddle. Entry to the Museum costs nothing, however, you will probably be happy to create a donation even though it is actually a 1 off, forget stuffy old museums. This is fun.

Because it's a Federally managed forest, there is no lodging within its confines. There are several hotels near El Yunque. It's easy to look for a lodging that's easy to the forest, which you may appreciate following a day of hiking. There are lots of alternative activities to get acquainted with, too. You can engage in guided tours, snorkeling, and moonlight boat cruises. In Fajardo, a smaller city not far from El Yunque, you may also kayak by way of a bioluminescent bay. The light is made by microscopic plankton that illuminate when touched. It's a sight to behold.