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Top 5 Webtoon Comics 2019 - Top 5 Websites You Can Read The Best Webtoon For Free

by Ouida Koontz (2020-06-05)

\uc6f9\ud230 \ubb34\ub8cc\ub85c \ubcfc\uc218\uc788\ub294\uc0ac\uc774\ud2b8 \uc21c\uc704\ud45c \u2013 \uc54c\uc544\ub450\uba74\uc88b\uc740 \ud301 \ubaa8\uc74c ...If you are a fan of hentai manga then don't miss out on Korean manhwa webtoon or Chinese manhua.

The sophisticated drawings and special content of Manga Hentai Comics such as Naruto, 무료 웹툰 One Piece, The Bleach, Detective Conan, Astro Boy, Doraemon, .. have created a clear impression and identity of Manga Hentai. So what about Manhwa Webtoon? Will Webtoon make readers addicted to Japanese manga masterpieces?

Therefore, when it comes to comics, most viewers will remember the hentai manga from Japan. However, in today's modern world, the Japanese no longer occupy the upper hand and the gap is too large compared to other countries. One of the emerging countries in the genre of comic book creation recently is the neighbors of Japanese - Korean.

Unlike the Japanese who mainly compose manga and publish on comics in magazines before making them into comic books, Koreans produce their stories on the web. Therefore, Korean stories are mainly called webtoon and are released weekly to readers around the world instead of making viewers wait like Japanese.

Korean comics are also very attractive in terms of topic and genre. Not only exploiting traditional isekai, RPG or shounen themes, Koreans do not hesitate to put their own creations into manhwa works. Let's take a look at the manhwa works that have attracted the most attention from readers in the past time.

1. My Stepmom

My Stepmom is a funny, mixed love story about 18+, telling the young Jinwoo and his beautiful stepmother when Jinwoo's mother died and his father married this beautiful but mysterious woman. She loved Jinwoo and crossed the line between her stepmother and her husband's children. They fell in love with each other, Jinwoo had no idea of Ha-Yeon Song's past or what was waiting for him ahead.

My Stepmom is popular with attractive storylines, beautiful graphics, My Stepmom is still in the top of the most popular webtoon series in Korea. Even the author of this comic series is considering to be able to collaborate with studios to release anime versions and even games about this fascinating webtoon story.

2. Panter of the Night

Na-kyum is a poor painter, in order to earn money to live in him or to go to restaurants to paint, Na-kyum has a special talent that he can draw like taking pictures. Although he tried and published a few collections but failed, Na kyum decided to give up painting. Then, when he was drunk, he met Seungho, an extremely rich and powerful man. A notoriety with his insatiable desire, Seungho forced Na-kyum to become his own painter. However, Na-kyum cannot imagine what will happen. All his calculations and thoughts are completely opposite of reality.

From the launch until now, Painter of the Night has become a boys love phenomenon of the Korean manhwa webtoon village. Currently, this series has reached the second part with the plot is still very attractive and the fan base is extremely crowded.

3. My Friend's Dad

Unlike the usual romance between men and women, My Friend's Dad - is built on the complicated relationship between Annie and her friend Hellen and Annie's father. The main character is Kang, a widowed man who takes care of his young daughter when his wife dies. When his daughter grows up he cannot understand the world of the young girl and Hellen enters his life. , bring with you many incidents and surprises.

Like My Stepmom, My Friend's Dad has also been very popular recently with the family theme. It's a drama and comedy style, so it's worth paying attention to the manhwa webtoon hentai readers on this collection.

4. Sweet Home

Sweet Home is a series created by author Kim Carnby and drawn by Hwang Yeong Chan - the duo who make up Bastard. The story is about Cha Hyun Soo, a high school student who hates society, has a history of suicide, and is selfish. On a fine day, he lost all his relatives and had to support himself. However, things are not as simple as that. He realized that there were scary creatures existing and haunting himself.

If Bastard is a high-thriller drama, with Sweet Home, the two authors have done extremely well creating a story about people fighting against corpses. The plot of Sweet Home brings viewers the dramatic frame by frame, and the zombie monsters by Hwang Yeong Chan really make viewers startled with each mouse roll because they are too scared.

5. Close as Neighbors

Close as Neighbors is a work by author Ro Dong, adapted into a comic by Semi on Manytoon Comics from 2019. The story of Theo Son moitj young and handsome, he is always close to people the next door neighbor, the Min sisters. But what if they decided to get closer?

Close as Neighbors is exactly the Romance Drama motif but it is done in a very playful and Korean style. This has made many readers feel curious and love this series.

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The sophisticated drawings and special content of Manga Hentai Comics such as Naruto, One Piece, The Bleach, Detective Conan, Astro Boy, Doraemon, ..