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Gastroenterology, Transplant Hepatology

by Lino Mcgrew (2020-06-09)

Benedict Devereaux completed his undergraduate medical degree at the University of Queensland in 1991. Dr Ammar Kheir is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Queensland as well as a Consultant Gastroenterologist and Restorative Colonoscopist. After University, Sam transferred to Brisbane in 2007 where his junior as well as basic doctor training was finished at The Royal Brisbane and Women's Health center.

Dr Nanda is an intestinal endoscopy expert based in Brisbane QLD, that provides excellent quality like his patients, while making the effort to recognize their issues. She finished her preliminary nursing Certification at the Parkes District Health center and afterwards completed a Bachelor of Nursing degree in 1993 (College of Western Sydney).

Dr. Sandford takes on treatments at Chermside Day Health Center, Brisbane Endoscopy Services at Sunnybank, Wesley as well as North West Private Hospitals. Given that 2015, Dan has actually run a digestive tract cancer research laboratory in Adelaide as well as works as a professional gastroenterologist secretive technique.

He then took place to more training in Gastroenterology & Hepatology in Perth, where he explored his passion in people with chronic hepatobiliary conditions Gastroenterologist brisbane wesley as well as liver failing, as well as helping with the teaching of more youthful doctors.