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Gastroenterology Westside Private Day Medical Facility

by Janine Moody (2020-06-09)

Dr Gratian Punch is a Professional General Doctor. Dr Kheir graduated from the College of Medical Sciences & Modern Technology in Sudan. Dr. Gibbons has actually taken an energetic leadership duty in the gastroenterology community having been Director of Endoscopic Solutions at the RBWH as well as an Exec member of the Gastroenterology Culture of Queensland (GESQ).

Gastroenterology Clinics Queensland have three clinic places in South East Queensland - St Andrew's Battle Memorial Medical facility, The Wesley Hospital, and also Sedimentary Rock St Ipswich. Endoscopy and also colonoscopy including an extensive surveillance program for clients with Barrett's oesophagus, colonic polyps and also those with a household history of digestive tract cancer cells.

With this in mind, we pledge to continue to support for variety in our staff as well as administration, grant awards to study health care variations, make sure top quality take care of all as well as function relentlessly to decrease inequalities in healthcare delivery as well as gain access to.

Paul also offers outreach medical services to the Inala Indigenous Health Service, Rockhampton Viral Liver Disease Facility (by means item308614972 of tele health and wellness), and also in 2014 will begin an "in-reach" program for females with hepatitis C jail at Brisbane Womens' Correctional Centre.