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Movies Out Now You Should See If You Love To Be Scared

by Lionel De Gruchy (2020-02-06)

12 months agoWith Halloween right around the corner, you can bet that some scary movies will be released in theaters for everyone to enjoy. Some of the movies out now are already anticipating the season, so those of you who love to be scared will not be disappointed. Scary movies remain extremely popular, which speaks to people's desire to be scared out of their wits by something, probably because it heightens all their senses and makes them feel more alive than during ordinary circumstances. Here are some of the best scary movies out now.

In the Tall Grass

This movie was developed from a novella originally written by Stephen King in collaboration with Joe Hill. It centers around two siblings who get lost within a whole ocean of very tall grass, and the things they discover within this confined landscape will make your skin crawl. Most of the action takes place within this tall grass setting, so the creators get extra points for finding different ways of presenting the locations, so the viewer not only avoids boredom, but is constantly chilled by the changing scenery.

It: Chapter Two

Evil clown Pennywise was bested 27 years ago by members of the Losers Club, but he has returned with a vengeance. The members of that club are now adults and have long since traveled different routes into adulthood. When people begin disappearing again in the town of Derry, Maine, one of the club members, Mike Hanlon, contacts the others and prevails upon them to return to the town, so they can battle Pennywise once again. Each of the former club members has sustained damaging personal psychological scars from the first confrontation, but they do return and try to conquer those fears from long ago.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Sarah Bellows is a young girl who harbors terrible secrets within her, and has written down in a book many of the stories which have tortured her. This book is found by others, who then read them and find that the stories can come to life right before their eyes. Having read the book, people discover that their darkest fears arise to chase after them, generating some terrifying manifestations which relentlessly pursue them. In order to save their own lives, 토렌트 each reader must confront his/her own greatest fears and overcome them.

Annabelle Comes Home

Two parents take charge of the cursed doll, Annabelle, and lock it away in their collection along with other evil dolls. Then the parents are called away to look into a similar case, and they leave their daughter with a babysitter while they're gone. While the parents are away, an invited friend unintentionally sets Annabelle free, and the entire collection of evil dolls is then unleashed on the three females in the house.

The Curse of Buckout Road

It seems that everyone who becomes involved in investigating the curse of Buckout Road is drawn into erratic behavior, and then suicide. When Aaron Powell returns home from Naval Postgraduate School, he finds his grandfather is investigating a recent suicide case involving Stephanie Hancock, who was studying the curse herself. Eventually, Aaron and his grandfather are drawn into the same mysterious curse, and must find a way to stop the evil, before they too are overcome by it.

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