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Best Mother's Day gifts under $25 for 2020

by Sadye Hildreth (2020-05-06)

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This story is part of Mother's Day Gift Guide 2020. CNET editors round up the hottest gadgets for Mom this year.

I know I'm not alone when I say that I can't give my mom the one thing she wants most for Mother's Day 2020, venus clothes which is a hug -- she lives in Florida and I'm in Michigan, so we can't have an in-person visit. But I still want to do something for my mother, even if it's just a small gesture that doesn't cost much.

Here are some cheap Mother's Day gift ideas, all priced $25 or less. (There's even a pretty good free one.) I'm not saying you shouldn't splurge -- see the best Mother's Day gifts from $50 to $100 and our favorite Mother's Day gifts overall -- only that it's not necessary. You'll do fine with something small and thoughtful, plus a heartfelt phone call on May 10.

One final thought before I share my picks: Etsy is your friend right now. The site is home to thousands of artists and craftspeople who offer all kinds of unique items that would be great for Mother's Day gifts -- plenty of them priced $25 or less. (I'm eyeballing these garden markers, which start at $9 each, for my mom's herb garden.) Just make sure to order as soon as possible so things will be delivered to your mom on time.

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Tribute video montage

Here's a chance to do something different and special, a perfect gift. Tribute is a service that puts together video montages, and right now you can get mama a free one with promo code yougotthis25. (Regular price: $25.)

It works like this: You send invitations to as many people as you want. Could be just family, could expand to include friends and co-workers. Everyone records a short video (on phone, tablet, PC or whatever) based on your preferred prompt: palazzo Pants;, Why Mom is such a great mom, three favorite things about Mom or the like.

Tribute handles invites, reminders and all that. It then assembles everything into a unique heartwarming finished video for Mother's Day, one that can be viewed online or, for an additional charge, delivered on a flash drive or even as a self-playing video greeting card.

$0 at Tribute

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Mom-themed tee shirts

Daily Steals Daily Steals is a good place to look for Mother's Day gifts -- the company currently offers a wide variety of fun and funny slogan shirts, including, "Raising kids is a walk in the park... Jurassic Park" and, "Alexa, find my kids." Prices ranges from $18-$25, but promo code CNETMTHR will knock $5 off any style. And the store promises gift delivery to your mother on time if you order by May 3.

$13 at Daily Steals

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BagPodz reusable grocery bags, set of 5

BagPodz Required in some states (though currently forbidden in some places due to the pandemic) and helpful to the environment in all of them, reusable grocery bags are as practical as they are handy. This gift set of five bags stays in its own small clip-on bag, which allows them to be plucked out one at a time as needed. And they're machine-washable -- which is something your mom should definitely be doing between grocery runs.

$25 at The Grommet

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Hexagon Rotating Timer

Znewtech This is a cool Mother's Day gift idea, lulus dress ( analog alternative to setting timers with Alexa. Most of the time, it's a clock. When you need to set a countdown for 5, 15, 30, 45 or kids dresses 60 minutes, you just turn the hexagon so that number is facing up. Presto: instant countdown. After it goes off, or if you want to cancel the timer, you just turn it back to "clock." Cute, fun and available in four different colors.

$18 at Amazon

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Ninja Phone Loop Grip Strap

Phone Loops Something I've used for years, these handy straps loop through Mom's phone case so it's easy to keep a good grip -- and so the phone is more comfortable to hold for long stretches. There are lots of designs and colors to choose from, and shipping is free if you order three (which would still keep you under $25).

Another option: My own mom is a huge fan of the Petite Phone Loop (also $7 each), which adds a wrist strap to the bottom of the phone. Like the Ninja Loop, it's compatible with just about every phone and case.

Use promo code LOVEYOUMOM to save 20% on your order!

$7 at Phone Loops

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Tile Mate Limited Edition

Tile I've long felt that Tile trackers make a great thoughtful gift, especially now that they have improved range and replaceable batteries. This colorful new collection seems particularly mom-friendly, what with the happy colors and floral designs. No more misplaced keys! (Or misplaced phone; the Tile works in both directions.)

$25 at Tile

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Have you found any other great mom gifts for $25 or less? Tell me about them in the comments!

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