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Alien porn, cosplay and ASMR rank among Pornhub's top searches for 2019

by Tomas Lamond (2020-05-07)

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Remember back in September, when a bunch of people showed up in the Nevada desert to NOT storm Area 51 for aliens? That renewed interest in extraterrestrials may have showed itself in an unexpected way. Adult web site Pornhub shared its year-in-review statistics this week, vrporn and bangla xxx named "alien" as one of its top "searches that defined 2019."

Maybe we don't want to know what's going on at Area 51.

Pornhub Insights

Searches for "Area 51" went from zero to 160,000 over a four-day period in July, when the Area 51 event was making headlines, Gay Male Tube the site reports.

Pornhub breaks the intimate alien interest down in more detail than you'd ever want, noting that the top related search was "alien impregnation" followed by the plain vanilla "alien sex." Women and younger people are more likely to search for aliens getting freaky than men and older people are, Xnxx Gay the site says.

Other popular searches that reflect trends of the past year include cosplay, aka dressing up as fictional characters, especially from manga and anime; and ASMR, desi xxx Hd (Delivagent.Com) which refers to videos using oddly soothing sounds or xmxx voices.

Not sure how much detail you want to know on Pornhub's year, but the highest-ranking search term overall was "Japanese," which moved up four spots to take the No. 1 place. British social-media star Belle Delphine was the most searched celebrity, followed by Kim Kardashian. And the top three countries sending traffic to the site are the US, Japan, xxx 18 and the UK. USA! USA!

There's much more detail available on Pornhub's Insights blog. If you dare. 

Originally published Dec. 13, 9:19 a.m. PT


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