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Why are blue jeans called blue jeans when they are not blue

by Jeanna Arriaga (2020-03-24)

\ubbfc\ud638\uae40(@qvoPn6dPaFyj2uT) \ub2d8 | \ud2b8\uc704\ud130 \ubc8c\uae08\uc9c0\uc6d0 \uc804\ubb38 ...most BLUE jeans are BLUE. if you get jeans that aren't blue then they are just jeans.

Why does Hannah Montana have a song called old blue jeans?
She has a song called old blue jeans because in Hannah Montana miley has a horse named blue jeans.

What were blue jeans called when they were first invented?
The "pants of Levi's" came to be called simply "Levi's" and eventually, blue jeans.

What year was the blue jeans made?
Blue jeans were first made in 1873. They were called Jeans back then, and Levi Strausse was the first manufacturer of jeans.

What is the guy called who invented the first blue jeans?
blue jeans were invented in 1873 by Jacob Davis and 샌즈카지노 Levi Strauss.

Why are jeans called jeans?
This Word 'jeans' comes up from French phrase bleu de Gênes, literally the blue of Genoa.

What is miley cyrus's horse called?
Blue jeans

In Hannah Montana the movie why is the horse called blue jeans?
in real life Miley Cyrus has a horse named blue jeans its not because of her song.

What is Miley Cyrus horse called?
In The movie it was Blue Jeans

What is miley horse name?
Her horse is called "Blue Jeans"

Is it Forever in Blue Jeans or Reverend Blue Jeans by Neil Diamond?
forever in blue jeans.

What is the horse called that miley rides on called in Hannah Montana the movie?
Miley horse is called Blue Jeans!

Who created the blue jeans?
A lady that is bold called smellma pits invented it

What is Mileys two horses called?
one is called blue jeans but i am not sure about the other sorry x

Do you say you re wearing blue jeans or a pair of blue jeans?
you would say you're wearing blue jeans because a pair means to so if you say, "i'm wearing a pair of blue jeans." that mean you are weaing 2 blue jeans lol x SO MAKE SURE YOU SAY I AM WEARING BLUE JEANS!

What makes geans?
Jeans are made of a heavy cotton called denim. Blue jeans have been popular since the late 1800s, but today, you can purchase jeans in a variety of colors and 더킹카지노 patterns.

How do you say blue jeans in French?
'des jeans' or less frequently 'des blue-jeans'

What are blue jeans used for?
Blue Jeans are used as clothing

What are blue jeans or overalls called in Hindi-Indian?
They usually reffered to as dungarees

What breed of horse is blue jeans?
I believe that Blue Jeans is Arabian.

What is the French word for 'blue jeans' in English?
They're called "Jeans" in French, 007카지노 too. Note: French pants are a singular entity. Just like a pair of pants is un pantalon, a pair of jeans is un jean. But (s)he asked for what is the french for blue jeans, so it is un jean bleu.

Can we wear Blue jeans on a navy blue shirt?
Yes blue jeans matches everything!!

Your blue jean is good Is this grammatically correct?
The word 'jeans' is always used in the plural [with an s]. The sentence could read: Your blue jeans are great. Your blue jeans are a very good fit. Your blue jeans are really nice.

What is the guy call wh invented the first blue jeans?
Levi Strauss. His company now is called Levi's (sound familiar it is such a popular jeans brand .

How do you make blue jeans?
you can make blue jeans by denim and use a sewing machine and sew them and you have to make sure that they are even you cand invent blue jeans

When was Forever in Blue Jeans created?
Forever in Blue Jeans was created in 1979.

When was The Swinging Blue Jeans created?
The Swinging Blue Jeans was created in 1962.

Is it correct to say the blue jeans was invented by Levi Strauss?
No, it is, blue jeans were.

Do the people of Ireland wear blue jeans?
Yes they wear blue jeans.

How you say Here are some blue jeans?
Here are some blue jeans

What font is used for the Cocktail movie posters?
It's a font called Barnical Blue Jeans

Original cost of blue jeans?
$1.25 cents was the cost of the first blue jeans.

Were blue jeans a german invention?
No - Italy and 카지노사이트 France had the original blue jeans factories.

Where did Miley Cyrus get her horse blue jeans?
where did milley Cyrus get her horese blue jeans

What is the name of the song that goes Black blue jeans and boots with the fur.?
I Believe You Mean "Apple Bottom Jeans And The Boots With The Fur! Whole Club A' Looking At Her! She Hit The Floor..." It's Called 'Apple Bottom Jeans'.

Do you say Tom was wearing a blue Jeans comma and a white and brown cap or Tom was wearing a blue Jeans and a white and brown cap With or without the comma?
No article goes with blue jeans, and no comma goes in the sentence. It should read Tom was wearing blue jeans and a white and brown cap. I think with comma blue jeans, and a white and brown cap

When was Massara Blue Jeans created?
Massara Blue Jeans was created on 2006-05-06.

What does the song old blue jeans mean by Hannah Montana?
Her horse's name is blue jeans.

Is blue jeans her favorite horse?
no it is her only horse but she loves blue jeans very much :)

What designer is known for blue jeans?
Levi is the most known brand name for blue jeans.

What color shoes do you wear with blue jeans?
Any type or color 카지노사이트 of Shoes would look good with blue jeans. I wear sneakers. But you could wear just about any kind of shoes with blue jeans. Especially if your blue jeans are a dark color or a very light color.

What color is raw in jeans?
Blue is raw in jeans.

How was the blue jeans invented?
They coloured in white jeans.

Who invented denim jeans?
Levi Strauss Blue Jeans In 1873 Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis invented blue jeans. The denim pants that we now call "blue jeans" or just "jeans" for short were invented in 1871 by Jacob Davis in partnership with Levi Strauss and Company. Before that time the term "blue jeans" was used to a wide variety of garments, including trousers, overalls, and coats, that were made of blue denim. Jacob Davis

What company invented blue jeans?
The invertor of blue jeans was Levi Strauss, the first company was "Levi"

Is Blue Jeans Miley's real horse?
Is Blue Jeans Miley's actual horse in real life

History of blue jeans?
You can find a somewhat detailed history of blue jeans at the related link below.

Why are blue jeans dyed blue?
yes because sometime the dye fades after you wear the jeans a lot

Who created the first blue jeans?
Levi Strauss takes a lot of the credit for the creation of blue jeans.

Does blue jeans com back in miley says goodbye?
blue jeans will come back to Miley and runs away but comes back in her dreams blue jeans tells her to move back to tenisse

Is miley's horse's name in the Hannah Montana movie Blue jean or blue jeans?
The horse's name was Blue Jeans. Hope this helped. :)

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