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Planning and prepping meals does not have to be a major chore. This special bag comes with three high-quality food containers and a drink bottle. There are also two reusable ice packs that help to keep food cool for much longer.


The MDMP Meal Prep Lunch Bag is made of high-quality materials and boasts an innovative design. The carry strap is padded for enhanced comfort, and the zipper is very strong. There is also an attachable carry handle for extra versatility.

Prep Naturals Meal Prep Bag With Meal Prep Containers

Keeping food cold while hiking in the summer months can be tricky. The Prep Naturals Meal Prep Bag is lined with thick PEVA to keep food cool while on the go. Extra insulation is also provided by the special EPA foam layer.

Easy does it…

There are also separate compartments for nutritional aids such as vitamins. All containers are LFGB, and FDA approved and can be placed in the microwave and dishwasher. This makes the cleanup after a day out very easy.

The bag features a strong and sturdy design that also looks very smart. Both the main zipper and the shoulder strap are designed to be durable. This means that carrying the bag all day long should be easy.


With ten full sets of containers, cutlery, and napkins, users should have everything they need to enjoy dining while camping. This makes preparing and carrying meals a breeze. Although the cutlery is not as sturdy as could be hoped, it is good enough for short term needs.

Expedition 300 Stealth Black

Are you ready to go on an adventure? Of course, then you need to you have plenty of supplies for when hunger strikes. The Expedition 300 Stealth Black has you covered.

This meal prep bag takes the form of a high-quality and fully padded backpack. In addition, to carry food containers, there is also plenty of space for laptops and a wide range of other items. This helps to make the Expedition 300 Stealth Black one of the most versatile options around.

There are also plenty of small pockets that can be used to carry wallets, snacks, and other small items securely. There are even tow compartments that have been designed especially for water bottles. Talking to. This means that there will be no need to carry an additional bag when heading out for the day.

Keeping your cool…

One of the great things about the Expedition 300 Stealth Black is that it comes with three large gel packs. This means that food can stay frosty for several hours. People who are feeling the heat while trekking can also use one of the packs to cool themselves down.


As an added bonus, this bag boasts a very smart design that men and women are sure to love. While the style is ideal for trekking, it will not look out of place in the office. For those who need a large bag, the Expedition 300 Stealth Black really fits the bill.

Isolator Fitness Isobag Meal Prep Bag

If you are planning a trekking or hiking trip, you will need plenty of provisions. One of the challenges when embracing the Great Outdoors is being able to enjoy delicious food. The Isolator Fitness is a huge meal prep bag that provides enough space for up to 1tasty meals and snacks.

The bag boasts four insulated compartments to help keep food fresh and cool. The twelve containers that are supplied come in four sizes. This helps to make finding the right fit for the food of choice a breeze.

As an added bonus, there are special side compartments that feature strong zippers. These pockets can be used for smaller items to make them instantly accessible. When the main compartment is fully opened the containers will also be displayed with ease.

Something’s missing… Isobag-Blackout-Edition.jpg

Unlike many other meal prep bags, the MIER Adult Lunch Box does not come with food containers. This means that users will have to spend time and trouble finding containers that are the right fit. Some people are likely to find that this is a bit of a chore.

Evolutionize Meal Prep Insulated Lunch Bag

Are you ready for the food revolution? The Evolutionize Meal Prep Insulated Lunch Bag is designed to be very easy to use. While it boasts a compact design. Everything placed inside can be accessed very easily.

One of the great things about this model is the fact that it is insulated with eco-friendly materials. This means that users can keep their food at the perfect temperature while also caring for the environment. The bag is insulated with PEVA lining and EPA foam that is high quality and protective.

The bag comes with three different containers with one of each size for versatility. There is also a large gel pack that helps to keep food cool on hot days. There are four separate compartments in total that help to make the bag extremely versatile.

The mesh pockets on the sides can be used to store mobile phones and other items. This means that there is no need to carry an additional bag when taking a walk in the park. The Evolutionize Meal Prep Insulated Lunch Bag is so stylish that users will be proud to be seen with it.

Fitpacker Large Meal Prep Bag

People who like their meals large will need a special prep bag that will fit the bill. This smart bag is fully insulated and features four of Fitpacker’s original 2oz meal boxes. Not only will food be easy to carry, but it will also stay fresh all day long.

There is a special adjustable side bottle holder that can accommodate a 3oz water or shaker bottle. There is even enough space in the side mesh to carry an extra bottle if desired or energy bars.

As an added bonus, there is a pouch on the top of the bag where keys, cutlery, and other items can be stored. This means that users can keep everything that they need all in one place. This is ideal for people who are planning to hit the gym and require plenty of fuel during their workout.